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About Grays Harbor Conservation District

Our Mission

At Grays Harbor Conservation District, our mission is to conserve and enhance the natural resources of Grays Harbor County. We take pride in offering valuable services to landowners, promoting conservation practices, and fostering a community committed to environmental stewardship. Our team is passionate about conserving the ecological balance and promoting sustainable land use for future generations.

Contact Us

Phone: (360) 346-7829
** Office Hours:** Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
81 Tower Blvd 
Elma, WA 98541

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FY25 Annual Plan of Work


Our Services

Grays Harbor Conservation District offers a range of services aimed at supporting landowners in their conservation efforts. From erosion mitigation to forestry management guidance, we provide expertise and resources to help you make informed decisions about your land. Our team is here to assist you in implementing conservation practices that protect the natural environment and improve the productivity of your property.

What is a Conservation District?

Conservation districts, also known as "CDs," serve as vital community-based hubs dedicated to voluntary efforts that protect and enhance our environment. Led by local experts who understand the unique needs of their landscapes and communities, CDs provide tailored, non-regulatory services to improve air, water, soil, habitats, and farmland health. They offer personalized property plans, access to grant funding, and cost-effective services that empower individuals and communities to achieve their conservation goals. With technical expertise in project planning, permitting, and construction, CDs ensure sustainable practices that align with environmental stewardship principles. Established under Chapter 89.08 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) in 1939, conservation districts play a pivotal role in fostering community engagement and conserving natural resources for future generations.

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