Watershed Restoration Program

The Grays Harbor Conservation District Watershed Restoration Program is involved in developing and implementing projects that improve watershed processes in order to benefit habitat, water quality, and water quantity. Our staff takes a holistic, process-based, and community focused approach to these projects. If you are potentially interested in a restoration project related to aquatic resources on your property, please contact us!

Recent and Ongoing Projects

Satsop and Wynoochee Tributary Restoration Strategy

Schafer Creek Pilot Project

Site of Structure 04 before construction

Post driving for Structure 04

Structure 04 post-construction summer 2021

Structure 04 during 2021 high flows

Lower Satsop Right Bank Conservation Project


Check out our project specific webpage with details on design and timeline: https://www.graysharborcd.org/lower-satsop-right-bank-conservation-project/


Fall 2021 construction

WDFW Lower Satsop Planting

Satsop and Wynoochee Early Action Reaches

Grays Harbor Conservation District is the landowner liaison for 2 reach-scale river aquatic habitat restoration projects on the Satsop and Wynoochee Rivers. The Chehalis Basin Strategy funded projects are addressing impaired floodplain processes such as high rates of erosion, lack of large wood, and incision using engineered log jams and riparian plantings.  

Initial landowner outreach began in 2017, with construction wrapping up in 2022. GHCD will be managing the planting and invasive management for the projects through 2026.

Engineered Log Jams on the Satsop – Constructed Summer 2021

Chehalis Basin Strategy

Grays Harbor Conservation District  contributes to a number of Chehalis Basin Strategy programs, which has the two-pronged goal of reducing flood damage and improving aquatic species populations. The Strategy is directed by a board of stakeholders such as counties, tribes, and state agencies. The District supports Strategy development and implementation by acting as a communication and feedback hub as the community engages with various projects and programs. We host information sharing events, conduct personal outreach to stakeholders, and form long-standing relationships with local citizens concerned about the natural resources of the Chehalis Basin. For more information about the Strategy, visit their website here: https://chehalisbasinstrategy.com/ 


Flood Damage Reduction

The District assists landowners and stakeholders as they engage with the various flood damage reduction programs of the Chehalis Basin Strategy. District staff participate in the Chehalis Basin Strategy Erosion Management Program Work Group. Due to our relationships with landowners throughout Grays Harbor County we are able to bring a unique perspective to the Chehalis Basin Strategy that reflects on the ground priorities of community members around erosion and flood damage. Also, our team brings experience implementing erosion reduction projects using habitat friendly techniques.


Aquatic Species Restoration Plan (ASRP)

The ASRP is an ambitious plan to restore 100s of miles of rivers and streams throughout the Chehalis Basin. The ASRP is directed by a Steering Committee, of which District staff participate as a non-voting member. District staff help  represent local interests and implementation perspectives on the Steering Committee.  The District sponsors ASRP projects such as reach-scale engineered log jam projects, landowner outreach for project development, and riparian plantings. We are also involved in managing projects that develop ASRP capacity to source wood and planting material over the long-term.

ASRP Flyer

Satsop River Mile 2.5-5.0 Design

The District is developing a project with landowners along the Satsop River to address habitat and erosion issues using engineered log jams and riparian plantings. In-stream construction is planned for 2022 and 2023, with vegetation management through 2027. The project is funded by the Chehalis Basin ASRP.

Satsop RM 2.5 to 5_Conceptual Design 4-5-21

Satsop RM 2.5 to 5_Preliminary Design

Still Creek Design

The District is developing a project with Weyerhaeuser on Still Creek, a tributary to the West Fork Satsop. The goal of the project is to use engineered log jams and plantings to increase habitat diversity, reduce stream incision, and improve alluvial water storage. In-stream construction is planned for 2023. The project is funded by the Chehalis Basin ASRP. 

Still Creek Concept Plans 4-13-2021

Interested in a project on your property?