Subsurface Drain for Cranberry Bog

This cost share project was located on a cranberry farm, which intersects with three critical areas: Wetlands, Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas, and Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas. The landowner was interested in improving his agricultural drainage ditch by replacing old, falling down crib and cover with a pipe that would be covered with gravel. A VSP site visit was scheduled and staff from GHCD consulted with the landowner about his project. The agricultural ditch drained into another drainage ditch which then drained into Grays Harbor estuary. By replacing the old crib and cover with a pipe, the landowner would prevent the ditch surface water from being contaminated by pesticides and fertilizers which could then drain into the estuary. The crib and cover on this ditch was the last of the crib and cover on the landowner’s operation. By installing a pipe underground, the landowner would enhance his agricultural viability by improving ease of moving equipment across the cranberry fields.

The landowner began construction in May 2019 and completed the project in June 2019.


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December 17, 2019