Delezenne Creek Fish Passage Restoration

This project restored the historic channel and oxbow, correcting two passage barriers by bypassing an existing dam and falls in Delezenne Creek, a tributary to the Chehalis River in (WRIA) 22. Historically the stream was diverted from its original channel to accommodate a logging road and to create a lake for scouting activities. The road is still used but the lake has dried up and the dam no longer functions. The restoration required installation of two concrete bridges each 55 feet long and 17 feet wide, one at each end of the oxbow. Riparian habitat will be restored along the historic channel, by planting native conifers and shrubs. Instream work included removing accumulated sediment from the channel, adding LWD and placing streambed gravels in certain areas. The GHCD sponsored the project and coordinated with Weyerhaeuser and the Boy Scouts who own the road and bordering property, respectively. The goal was to provide an unimpeded fish passage to the upper seven miles of Delezenne Creek for Chinook, Chum, Coho, and steelhead along with bull trout and cutthroat trout. The existing man-made channel was filled in and abandoned. An engineered design plan was completed by the Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force, funded by USFWS. The plan was reviewed and approved by the District, WDFW, USFWS, Weyerhaeuser, and the Boy Scouts.


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July 8, 2019