Aberdeen Landing – Wilson Creek

The Aberdeen Landing fish barrier is on Wilson Creek, a tributary to Grays Harbor on the east side of Aberdeen. There were two culverts at this crossing, one a 1.37 meter cst and the other a 1.4 meter cst. Both were in poor condition and the upstream ends of the culverts were nearly submerged in streambed materials that have backed up behind each of them. Also they both have outfall drops that make it difficult for fish to get past this crossing to the upstream spawning beds. This crossing was replaced with a 50′ long steel bridge that opens up the stream to allow for proper hydraulic function allowing passage of higher flows, large wood, other materials, and provides passage to spawning salmonids. Correction of this barrier opened 1.65 miles of habitat for coho, steelhead, searun cutthroat and possibly chum and chinook.


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July 8, 2019