Rental Equipment

The Grays Harbor Conservation District currently has a No-Till Drill available. For other equipment options, there are some local Grays Harbor businesses that offer rental equipment. 

Available Equipment


No-Till Drill

Rental rates vary, please visit the No-till drill page for more information.

No-Till Drill webpage


Lime Spreader

Rental rates vary. 

Contact Elma Feed & Farm Supply





Weed Wrenches

8 wrenches available

Contact the Grays Harbor County Noxious Weed Board:


Grays Harbor Noxious Weeds Website


Bee Honey Extractor & Uncapping Tub

Honey Extractor: $20.00/day

Uncapping Tub: $20.00/day

Special: Rent both for $30.00/day

Contact Montesano Farm & Home located in Montesano:


Montesano Farm & Home Website



Tractors & Implements

Equipment and Prices Vary

Contact East County Rentals located in Elma:


East County Rentals Website